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Interrail Trips - NotaPositiva

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João Barbosa


Escola Secundária Domingos Rebelo

Interrail Trips

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Resumo do trabalho

Trabalho escolar em inglês sobre as «Interrail Trips», realizado para a disciplina de Ingês (10º ano).


⇒ This work claim to inform people about Interrail trips, precisely these items:

⇒ The tickets;

⇒ The costs;

⇒ The accommodation and catering;

⇒ Reservations and Luggage;

⇒ Destinations and length of stay;

⇒ Problems found and the most/least positive aspects;

⇒ Advices for future interrailers.

Development- Interview

Q: Ladies and Gentleman, welcome to the TV broadcast JOHN’S TRAVELS. Today our special guest is Mr. Spooner McMahon, who made an Interrail trip few days ago, and he will explain us this little adventure.

Q: Mr. McMahon, why did you decide to make an interrail trip?

A: Well, as many other people who make an Interrail, I wanted to meet new countries and people, and the Interrail offers that during a month, with costs very interesting, and the possibility to go with friends where we want, we choose the cities we want to visit, the length of stay in a city, all of that… we choose all.

Q: And the costs, it’s very expensive?

A: No, it’s even very cheap! The ticket that covers all the cities, for those less than 26 years old and for the maxim duration (30 days) is only €365 and for those older than 26, the ticket that covers all the cities is €518.…

Q: Sorry, can interrupt you for a second? You said that the price was €365, but what it includes?

A: Err… You travel by train, in second class. Of course those who don’t worry to pay more, almost all countries offer also the possibility to travel in first class, which is more comfortable and expensive.

Q: And the tickets, when do we must claim them?

A: Most trains like TGV, EuroStar, X2000, require reserve that can be made up to 2 months in advance. Some trains, faster and more luxurious in which we must pay a supplement, and we pay it when the ticket is purchased and usually includes seat reservation.

Q: Did you travel alone or companied? Why?

A: I traveled with 4 friends, because I think that travel with friends is funnier and more interesting, you can have fun together, comment places and people… But it’s very important to choose well the people go with you! You will be together alone in a month, and you must be friend of each other.

Q: There was any problem like lost tickets, thieves, and lost luggage?

A: No. We were very careful with our tickets, and we didn’t take the money in a unique place, we toke some in the bag, in the pocket, even in shoes… By the way, we didn’t toke only cash, we also toke credit card with code, traveller’s cheques and of course coins.

Q: And about catering…

A: Oh, we tried to eat light meals, like fruits and vegetables, as well as in cheap restaurants, like McDonalds. Some higher quality and long distance trains have restaurant serving full meals. Other ones have self-service buffet cars with simplest meals.

Q: Did you find any problem with the luggage?

A: No, we tried to take just the essential in the bags, to be lighter and easily to carry.  We could choose by register our baggage at train stations and send it separately by rail to our destination, but we didn’t want to complicate the trip.

Q: I’m sure you didn’t bring clothes for a month… how did you resolve it?

A: We resolved it by an efficiently, easily and cheap way: we bought powder soap and in the lavatories of public washrooms we washed the essential clothes, like interior clothes, t-shirts, socks, etc.

Q: How was de accommodation, where did you sleep?

A: In the trains there was sleeping cars, that had bedrooms with washrooms and beds. We can reserve them up to 3 months, and we have to claim them within 15 minutes of boarding the train.

Q: And when you weren’t in the train, how did you do it?

A: We went to youth’s houses, and sometimes we slept at the train stations. That’s why we must have sacrifice spirit, sometimes the conditions aren’t be bests, but we must pass them.

Q: To which countries can we go?

A: We can go to Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Republic of Ireland, Italy, Yugoslavia, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Morocco, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and Turkey. The Interrail also includes a free crossing on Mediterranean, between Brindisi (Italy) and Patras (Greece).

Q: If you only want to visit few countries, there are any special tickets?

A: Yes, there is. You can buy Zonal Passes, in which the Europe is Divided in 8 geographical zones, that includes 2, 3 or 4 countries.

Q: How many zones can we choose?

A: We can choose 1 zone (12 or 22 days), 2 zones (1month), 3 zones (1month).

Q: Mr. Spooner, thank you very much for the clarification of an Interrail…

A: I would like to recommend an Interrail to everybody, is an amazing journey in which you go where you want, stay the time you want in a country, do what you want in a country and it’s very cheap!

Q: Mr. Televiewer, thank you for following us in JOHN’S TRAVELS! Good evening everyone!


Now, we can conclude about that make an interrail trip require lots of work  before we go, not only planning the places we will visit, but also preparing the accommodation, the catering, getting money, credit card, traveller’s cheques, he accommodation, buy material we will need, reserving and buying the tickets, reserve lots of tings, like sleeping-cars, luggages, and many other things,

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