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Ana Rita Santos


Escola Secundária de Seia

The English Language

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Resumo do trabalho

Trabalho em inglês sobre a língua inglesa (The English Laguage) realizado no âmbito da disciplina de Inglês (10º ano)...

The English Language

Why is the English language changing so much?

The English language is changing so much for several reasons. One of them is related to the appearance of new words in science and technology; along with new discoveries, new words turn up. There are also new words, which come from the media (television, radio, film, video…). There are also words, which pour into English, which come from non-native speakers' languages and dialects. They anglicise their o n words and expressions.

Is the language spoken with the same pronunciation in Britain and in America?

The pronunciation of English is rather different in Britain and in America. But first of all, we have to pay attention to the fact that, even inside Britain there are different accents and pronunciations of English, namely in Scotland, Wales Northern Ireland and England. As far as America is concerned, the language that the Pilgrim Fathers took from Britain to America has undergone several transformations throughout the centuries. In fact it has evolved with influences from Native Americans languages and with all the languages that a multitude of immigrants have brought from all over the world.

Television, radio and films show us the importance of the English language. What is that?

Television, radio and films show us the importance of the English language, because these media have as main tool/instrument the English language. As far as films are concerned, it is a fact that Hollywood has the monopoly of the film industry. Therefore, ninety-five per cent of the films that we watch are in English. On the other hand, television and radio also use and abuse of the English language. It is as if English plays the role of a “Lingua Franca” like Latin did once. The English language is the language of the media par excellence; it is a global language.

Is the English language going to become different languages?

As a matter of fact, there are tendencies that indicate that the English language is going to become different languages. In fact, most people all over the world use different versions of English, with different dialect words, accents and grammatical forms. They have the influence of their own language or dialects of language. However, there must be some uniformity in speaking and writing the English language; otherwise it would stop playing the role of global language as it does nowadays. As a consequence, people should avoid different uses of English, so that it can carry to being a “Lingua Franca”, an international language, through which everybody can understand everybody, the language of commerce, music, media, business, tourism, and so on.

To sum up, the English language is not going to become different languages, otherwise it would lose its international status quo.

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