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Infinitive (Exercícios Resolvidos)

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Resumo do trabalho

Exercícios resolvidos de inglês sobre a temática «Infinitive», realizado para a disciplina de Inglês (10º ano).


  • ing         I love dancing.
  • to           I want to dance.
  • bare (without to)
    • I can dance.
    • I’d rather stay.

1 - Use of the gerund and of the infinitive:

a) She encouraged him _______(come) with us.

b) I’m looking forward to ________(visit) London.

c) Let him _______(go) now.

d) They must _______(make) an effort to finish the work on time.

e) I have always enjoyed _______(write) short stories.

f) They’re interested in ________(work) with the computer.

g) I prefer ________(read) books to _______(read) magazines.

h) You shold _______(come) and ______(see) us more often.

i) The tea is too hot for me _______(drink).

2 - Fill in the gaps with the right form of the verbs in brackets:

a) They told me in the shop that this camera was easy _________(use) but I can't get used to it at all!

b) Could you stop ____________(type) for a moment?

c) I need _____________(concentrate) on this letter.

d) I'm looking forward to ______________(take) photos with my new camera!

e) She insisted on ____________(pay) my lunch.

f) This dish is too difficult for her ______________(cook).

g) I'm delighted __________(hear) that you intend _____________(visit) us.

h) It's no use __________(tell) me to avoid __________(drink) so much Coke because Ilove it!

i) Did you order the traveller's cheques? No, I forgot ______________(call) the bank, sorry.

j) I don't remember ____________(take) my umbrella out of my bag, but I must have done it when I stopped to buy petrol.

k) I had some difficulty in _____________(read) the book you recommended!

l) I'm afraid I'm awfully bad at ______________(remember) names.

m) Did you manage _______________(clean) your shirt?

n) They don't mind _______________(sleep) on the floor.

o) I can't help ______________(think) that you should have come to the party.

p) Please remind me _____________(Ieave) the keys in the drawer.

q) She made me ___________(do) ali her work and sat in front of the TV.

r) My house needs ______________(paint) but I'm broke at the moment.

s) He promised ________________(take) me home.

t) The policeman advised the old lady ______________(go) home.

u) The film is awful. It's not worth ________________(see).


1 - a) to come; b) visiting; c) go; d) make; e) writting; f) working; g) reading - reading; h) come - see; i) to drink.

2 –  a) to use; b) typing; c) to concentrate; d) taking; e) paying; f) to cook; g) to hear – to visit; h) telling – drinking; i) to call; j) taking; k) reading; l) remembering; m) to clean; n) sleeping; o) thinking; p) to leave; q) do; r) painting; s) to take; t) to go; u) seeing.

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