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Technology and Society

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Resumo do trabalho

Trabalho escolar em inglês sobre o impacto das mudanças das tecnologias na sociedade realizado no âmbito da disciplina de inglês (10º ano)...

Nowadays, technology is almost present in all human activities. Is rare an activity where isn't used technology devices such as education, industry in general (robotic) and entertainment.

In my opinion, the technological revolution had a positive impact in our lives, both personally and professionally. For example, in education we have multiple videos, animations and virtual and augmented reality devices to support students learning. These devices can support laboratorial classes. In world of industry we have a strength influence of technologies. The industrial process is more efficient tanks to robotic advances. However, this automation resulted in a growth of unemployment in the sector. In the other hands the technology provided changes in level of entertainment and security. In relation of entertainment, everyone can transform a room in a cinema room thanks to home-cinema systems. With this system we can reproduce the quality of image and sound of a real cinema room. As I mentioned, the technology has changed the safety of our home. Now we can turn our house into a smart home, thanks to the security systems that watch in case of steal and thermometers and smoke detectors that inform the user if anything abnormal is detected. So, we can control the house from the distance.

Technology have advantages and disadvantages. As advantage we can easily connected with our friends and relatives, store millions of data in computers for scientific research and personal use and the creation of a navigation system. However, we have some disadvantages like hacking, identity steal and roube of bank accounts.

Technology had a positive impact but exist negative aspects that need of be solved. In my vision, the big concern is online privacy and bank accounts steal, fortunately had big changes in mobile security with the introduction of the biometrics sensors.

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