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Ana Rita Santos


Escola Secundária de Seia

The Internet

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Resumo do trabalho

Trabalho em inglês sobre a Internet (The Internet) realizado no âmbito da disciplina de Inglês (10º ano)...

The Internet


  • The net doesn’t isolate; it brings new communities together
  • The net can be very educational
  • Using it improves computer skills and helps with school work
  • A large number of people regularly use the net to conduct daily activities


  • It’s not face to face, but neither is the telephone
  • Web users read papers less, watch TV less and… are lonely
  • Teenagers don’t get enough exercise
  • Internet can be very expensive
  • It makes their eyesight worse
  • The internet can be dangerous – especially chat rooms.

The internet is the best medium I know.

Firstly, it brings new communities closer and gives a lot of information. Then, it can be very educational. On using it, people improve their computer skills and it helps teenagers with school work. Besides, a large number of people regularly use the internet to conduct daily activities. So, people are connected with the whole world and use the internet as an entertainment or us a social need.

However, the internet has into disadvantages. It may cause addiction, which damages people’s health, by making their eyesight worse and people don’t get enough exercise. In addition, people tend to be isolated supposed relationship they have on the net isn’t face to face and can be dangerous… people can be cheated without knowing (being aware of it).

As a consequence, it influences people’s relationships, making people become more individualistic and lonely. Thus people often their ability to communicate properly.

On the other and, the internet can be very expensive and may lead people to a world of crime! Cybercrimes exist and are punishable! People may get arrested by spreading e-mail virus, by hacking into on on-line business, academic institution, or government agency, by using other people’s credit card numbers, by hijacking personal information or even by breaking into another’s computer from a distance and use it as their own.

Finally, the internet may give rise to called “Digital Divide”. This is the difference between two groups of people – the privileged ones and the less privileged ones. The privileged have access to the best information tools while poor people don’t have access to the newest or best information tools.

Concluding, and despite the fact the internet may cause loneliness and may be expensive, I think the internet is great because it connects people to the whole world, allowing long distance communication.

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